Steve Schmidt Warns That We Must Confront The Republican Attack On Democracy

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Steve Schmidt laid out the Republican authoritarian movement’s assault on democracy and urged Americans to confront the danger.


Steve Schmidt on the GOP authoritarian danger, “The front of that fight is a house wherever the lie is confronted with the truth of the matter. That is the battleground. And it performs out in 1 million strategies. But a democracy can’t endure in a entire world where the lie and the truth of the matter stand similarly.”

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 25, 2021

Steve Schmidt talked about how The usa can stand up to the authoritarian danger with Rachel Maddow:

The entrance of that combat is a area the place the lie is confronted with the real truth. That is the battleground. And it performs out in 1 million strategies. But a democracy can not survive in a globe exactly where the lie and the reality stand similarly. The process that we have is based on a compact that demands religion in belief and believe in. It’s how we share electrical power with individuals that we disagree with. We acknowledge that we are living in a advanced planet the place people have different views. 

And we have to accommodate those people views. In the 21st century, I believe that there was a consensus that has unraveled in start out really short time period of time, that you can trace all the way back to the beginning of the region, in the name of political power — also, the same men and women claiming that they’re performing it in the identify of independence are observing that that preservation of freedom means maintaining our power. Not always abiding the effects of the election. And when you get into that territory, you’re in a scary room

And it is necessary to remember to recognize 1 issue, and this has to be introduced forward into the debate, despite all the flaws of American democracy, or any democracy — democracies are the only system of government that has ever existed in the historical past of humanity that puts the particular person human being on top of the energy of the metropolis. 

Every single other program so subordinates the dignity of the human getting to the electric power of the condition, for the purposes of the condition, often managed by self intrigued, corrupt minority. So, this is the most profound ethical problem that you could potentially converse about on any given evening in this nation. For the reason that it goes to the heart of the American concept, the embrace of humanism, of pure legal rights, of pluralism. And this concept that any person can be an American. That we can all stand equivalent, awesome similarly, in a culture, underneath the rule of law. Wherever we all get a say, get to participate. And that is what is being vandalized and attacked, and successfully so. 

It is easy to make enjoyment of the Arizona audit, but much much too lots of persons fell into the entice of legitimizing an illegitimate political system in Arizona. The Arizona audit was not a legitimate audit.

The larger goal that Republicans experienced in Arizona was receiving their attack on democracy legitimized and political functions conducting audits of election outcomes that they disagree with normalized and hunting at the protection of this sham, a single can see that their initiatives labored.

The audit was an assault on democracy. Steve Schmidt is appropriate. Only a powerful consolidated effort and hard work backed by the truth of the matter can defeat these lies and authoritarian assaults.

Trump is the figurehead, but the shift in the Republican Get together from democracy to authoritarianism goes a great deal further, and it is the finest internal danger to US democracy due to the fact the Civil War.

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