The reunion of the Jonas Brothers is “practically over”.

The family trio – siblings Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas – got back together in February 2019, nearly six years after they split in October 2013 due to a “deep divide” within the band, but Coronavirus met their plans for a follow-up album Comeback album ‘Happiness Begins’ and all three now feel that they have “moved away” from their music as so much time has passed.

A source told The Sun newspaper’s bizarre column: “The Jonas Brothers reunion is practically over for now. They had an album ready and wanted to announce it last March, but then the pandemic happened and everything was postponed.

“Since then they have all worked on their own projects and they feel like they have moved on from this music.

“There weren’t any big arguments this time around, but realistically it will be a while before they’re making music as a trio again.”

The news comes after Nick announced he’ll be releasing a new solo single “Spaceman” later this week, while Joe was recently cast in the upcoming war movie “Devotion”.

Last February, the “Sucker” hitmakers announced that they had been working “hard” on a new album, but Coronavirus then hit before they could announce the record.

Nick said at the time, “We were back in the studio with Ryan Tedder and worked hard on the new record that will be announced in the next few weeks – title, tracklist, all of that.”

A new album has been listed for pre-order on the group’s website, but it has now been removed. Last year, after a series of delays, they postponed plans for a memoir, ‘Blood’.

A source said at the time, “A lot of time has been put in, but none of them have been able to agree on what it should look like or what should and shouldn’t be included.

“They had a writer who worked with them and they had poured their hearts on the pages, but it was plagued with problems.

“There are people on the team who want to bring the book to market at some point.

“But that no longer happens for the publishers.”