Sue Bird Shows Even A Legend Can Get Faked Out Of Her Shoes

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Sue Bird is a four-time WNBA winner and recently won her fifth Olympic gold medal with Crew Usa in Tokyo.

But even legends can get faked to the floor on event.

Enjoy Erica Wheeler of the LA Sparks mail Fowl sprawling with a swift-quit, via-the-legs crossover dribble on Sunday. She then swished a leap shot.

 Here’s the conclusion end result:

Wheeler gathered 17 factors and that viral minute in the host Sparks’ 81-53 rout of Bird’s Seattle Storm.

In basketball parlance, such a supreme act of juking is explained to split the ankles of a defender (but not truly.)

Admirers built sport of a basketball GOAT getting a tumble, as the replay confirmed Hen showing up to journey around her personal foot. Some say Wheeler stepped on her foot as very well.

Oh no not the goat ?? ?

— Jay (Josie) Dumlao?? (@JosieJayD) September 13, 2021

Dang yo. Although…after seeing like 17 times…does she kinda move on Bird’s foot a tiny bit proper just before?

— Eli Gandour-Rood (@eliganrood) September 13, 2021

I signify. Jordan received his ankles taken by iverson so anything is achievable ?

— pab (@pabsays) September 13, 2021

As before long as her legs crossed I can right here her mind indicating “shiiiiit” ?

— pab (@pabsays) September 13, 2021