Tapes Detail Lyndon B. Johnson Stolen Election

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In the 1960 United States presidential election, John F. Kennedy emerged victorious over then-Vice President Richard Nixon by a thin margin of 118,000 popular votes. However, there have been longstanding theories and suspicions that Kennedy’s running mate, Lyndon B. Johnson, played a role in securing his win through fraudulent means. Many believe that the tapes detailing Johnson’s involvement in this notorious political scheme, known as the Stolen Election, have been lost or destroyed.

The Stolen Election of 1960 was allegedly orchestrated by Lyndon B. Johnson and a group of political insiders who were determined to get him into the White House. According to various accounts, Johnson conspired to manipulate the outcome of the presidential election by using various tactics, including ballot tampering and vote rigging. One of the most famous allegations is that Johnson and his supporters rigged the votes in Texas, his home state, to ensure that Kennedy won a crucial 24 electoral votes.

However, the most damning evidence against Johnson comes from an audio tape that has been lost or destroyed. Reportedly, Johnson discussed his involvement in the Stolen Election on a tape recording made during the campaign. According to an anonymous source who has claimed to have heard the tape, Johnson speaks candidly about his plans to rig the election in favor of Kennedy.

The specifics of the alleged tape’s contents are sketchy, but some details have emerged over the years. Johnson supposedly discusses his intention to rig the vote in Texas by manipulating the ballots and securing illegal votes from those who were ineligible to vote. He also allegedly discusses his role in manipulating the vote in Illinois, another crucial state that Kennedy needed to win in order to secure the presidency. Johnson is rumored to have said that he would “rip out every wire in Illinois” to ensure a Kennedy victory.

Despite the rumors and allegations, the existence of the tape has never been confirmed. The anonymous source who claims to have heard it has refused to come forward, and all other attempts to locate the recording have thus far been unsuccessful. Some have speculated that the tape was destroyed by Johnson’s supporters, who were determined to protect his legacy and prevent any further damage to his reputation.

Still, the theory that Johnson played a significant role in the Stolen Election of 1960 persists. Critics point to the fact that Johnson’s involvement in the campaign was highly suspicious, and his behavior after Kennedy’s win was also highly questionable. Johnson was rumored to have demanded an unprecedented level of authority as Vice President, and he was allegedly involved in a number of shady business deals and payoffs during his tenure in office.

In the end, the truth about the alleged tape and Johnson’s role in the Stolen Election may never be known. However, the theories and rumors surrounding this infamous event in American history serve as a reminder of the potential for corruption and fraud in the political process. As we continue to grapple with issues of election integrity and voter suppression in modern times, it is important to remember the lessons of the past and remain vigilant in our efforts to ensure fair and free elections for all.