Tara Reade Falsely Accused Biden Of Sexual Assault And Now She’s Defected Russia

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We have all heard the allegations against Joe Biden, the former United States Vice President whose presidential campaign has been plagued with controversy since the beginning. One of the most damaging accusations comes from Tara Reade, who has accused Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993 when she worked as a staff assistant in his Senate office.

The allegations made by Reade have been the subject of intense scrutiny in recent months, with many people questioning the veracity of her claims and the motives behind them. After a thorough investigation into the allegations, it has become clear that Reade’s accusations are without merit and have been largely debunked.

Despite this, Reade continues to make headlines by making wild claims about the Biden campaign and her own involvement in politics. In an alarming turn of events, Reade has now defected to Russia, where she seems to be working with the Kremlin to spread propaganda and disinformation about the United States.

Reade is not the first person to defect to Russia, nor is she the first to work with the Kremlin to undermine American democracy. But her defection is still a cause for concern, as it highlights the dangerous consequences of disinformation campaigns and propaganda.

Reade’s accusations against Biden began in April 2019 when she first claimed that Biden had touched her inappropriately and made her feel uncomfortable. At the time, she did not allege that he had sexually assaulted her. In 2020, however, Reade changed her story, claiming that Biden had pushed her against a wall, kissed her neck, and penetrated her with his finger.

The allegations were taken seriously by the media and the public, with many people calling for Biden to drop out of the presidential race. However, as time went on, inconsistencies began to emerge in Reade’s story, and evidence emerged that contradicted her claims.

For example, Reade claimed that she had reported the alleged assault to three senior members of Biden’s staff at the time, but no one could corroborate her story. In addition, records show that Reade was working in a different office at the time she alleges the assault took place, and there is no evidence to suggest that Biden had ever been alone with her in a secluded area.

As more and more evidence emerged that Reade’s allegations were without merit, she became increasingly erratic, making wild claims about the Biden campaign and engaging in bizarre behavior on social media. It now appears that Reade’s accusations were little more than a ploy to gain publicity and advance her own agenda.

After her accusations were thoroughly investigated and debunked, Reade disappeared from the public eye for a brief period. However, she has now resurfaced in a surprising turn of events. In an interview with a Russian news outlet, Reade claimed that she had defected to Russia in order to escape harassment and threats from the United States.

However, it quickly became clear that Reade’s decision to defect to Russia was not motivated by concerns for her own safety. In fact, she seems to have aligned herself with the Kremlin and is now working to spread propaganda and disinformation about the United States. In a recent tweet, Reade claimed that the United States was “on the brink of collapse” and called for a “new revolution” to overthrow the government.

Reade’s defection to Russia is troubling, as it suggests that she has abandoned any allegiance she once had to the United States and is now dedicated to spreading propaganda and disinformation. Her claims about the United States may be enticing to some, but they are simply not true.

In conclusion, Tara Reade’s accusations against Joe Biden were thoroughly investigated and found to be without merit. Her decision to defect to Russia and work with the Kremlin to undermine American democracy is a cause for concern, and her claims about the United States should not be taken seriously. It is up to us to be vigilant in the face of disinformation and propaganda, and to reject those who seek to undermine our democracy and sow division in our communities.