Ted Cruz Hits A New Low With Claim Biden Insults Black Women With SCOTUS Nomination

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) claimed that it is an insult to black women that Joe Biden would put one on the Supreme Court.

Audio of Cruz’s podcast:

Cruz said on his podcast:

The fact that he’s willing to make a promise at the outset, that it must be a Black woman, I gotta say that’s offensive. You know, you know Black women are what, 6% of the US population? He’s saying to 94% of Americans, ‘I don’t give a damn about you, you are ineligible, and he’s also saying — it’s actually an insult to Black women.

If he came and said, ‘I’m gonna put the best jurist on the court, and he looked at a number of people and he ended up nominating a Black woman, he could credibly say, ‘OK I’m nominating the person who’s most qualified.’ He’s not even pretending to say that he he’s saying, ‘If you’re a White guy, tough luck. If you’re a White woman, tough luck. You don’t qualify.’

Ted Cruz Is Playing (White) Identity Politics

Sen. Cruz is running for the Republican nomination in 2024, and the argument that Biden is insulting to black people and racist for saying upfront that he will nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court is the kind of slimy argument that Republicans have perfected where they claim to be taking a stand against racism, while they appeal to the poor white people who are being passed over, or the perceive as being passed over.

Ted Cruz has managed to tap into some Trump-style racist appeal to white Republican voters. Cruz’s comments were disgraceful, disgusting, and flat-out wrong.

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