The 1/6 Committee Could End Trump With Investigation Into 25th Amendment

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A part of what the 1/6 Committee is doing in August is an investigation into Trump’s cabinet trying to 25th Amendment him.

Via: USA Today:

 After a series of eight blockbuster hearings in June and July, the House committee investigating the Capitol attack on Jan. 6, 2021, will continue working during August to interview more witnesses, draft recommendations for legislation and begin writing a report about what happened that day and why.

The Committee is exploring how members of former President Donald Trump’s Cabinet considered whether to invoke the 25th Amendment, to potentially remove him from office during the final two weeks of his term.

Trump Is Trying To Make The Conversation About Biden As The 1/6 Committee Investigates The 25th Amendment

The 1/6 Committee will be writing a report and making recommendations. One of those recommendations could be legislation to modernize the process of implementing the 25th Amendment.

Legislation was proposed as far back as 2017 to strengthen the 25th Amendment and make removing an unstable president from office easier.

The investigation into Trump’s own cabinet’s division on invoking the 25 Amendment could be the final blow to his teetering political future.

Trump has been trying to switch the conversation and make it about Joe Biden, which is the standard Trump tactic. The failed one-term president won in 2016 because he could get the media to stop talking about his scandals and fed them imaginary Hillary Clinton email nonsense instead.

Donald Trump is trying to use the same playbook again, but this time the media isn’t buying it, and the 1/6 Committee could finish Trump off with a hearing on the 25th Amendment.

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