The Easy Sugar Cookie Recipe That Requires Only One Bowl

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Brown-edge cookies may perhaps not appear like considerably — and their no-nonsense title undoubtedly doesn’t do them any favors — but do not enable appearances fool you. In the good Venn diagram of cookies, this little wafer lies at the intersection of Christmas sugar cookie, vanilla wafer and French tuile. They are absurdly buttery, crisp at the edges, just barely chewy in the heart, and they go with every little thing. It’s a daring assertion, but as far as cookies go, these golden rounds are practically flawless.

In the 1970s, my Aunt Liz launched these cookies, whose unpretentious moniker comes from the sensitive, crisp brown halo that encircles their tender facilities, to my family members. They will have to have been a strike since the cookies have appeared at just about every reunion and funeral, and in each and every college or university treatment package and 1st-working day lunchbox, because. If a cookie can be a spouse and children touchstone, this a person is ours.

The actual background of the initial recipe has been dropped to the sands of time, but it is an old just one. My aunt was offered the recipe by her neighbor, Millie Shea, who learned it from her mom when she was a minimal girl in the 1930s. For several several years, Nabisco bought a related cookie referred to as brown-edge wafers, but discontinued them in 1996, prompting nostalgic home cooks to produce their individual variants, which can be discovered all above the net and in spiral-certain group cookbooks.

My sensible Midwestern coronary heart will normally prefer these cookies unadorned, but they are also good nestled into a bowl of ice product, sorbet or pudding. Sandwiching a layer of lemon curd, Nutella or berry jam amongst two wafers would not be a undesirable concept possibly. And even though I can’t endorse it, if you are experience adventurous, you could incorporate a ¼ to ½ teaspoon of almond, lemon or orange extract to the batter. (Pro tip for grown-ups: Nibble one particular while sipping a bourbon neat.)

As far as recipes go, it’s about as very simple as you can get. You will need a mixer, a bowl and just six elements: butter, sugar, eggs, flour, vanilla and salt. Whip it into a creamy frenzy, spoon it on to sheet pans and bake until eventually the facilities puff somewhat (they’ll slump when neat) and the edges brown. Some variations connect with for shortening, or additional egg whites, or potato starch, but the simplicity of this model tends to make it one thing you’ll return to once again and all over again.

Recipe: Brown-Edge Cookies