The LeBron James of Wrists Sports a Secret Rolex

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When you think of LeBron James, what comes to mind? A legendary basketball player or a titan of wrist sports? Yes, you read that right. The LeBron James of wrists sports is none other than Alex Honnold, the free solo climber who famously tackled El Capitan without the aid of ropes or equipment. And in a world where athletes are often known for their flashy cars and expensive jewelry, Honnold’s choice of wristwear is as unassuming as his climb was daring: a stealthy Rolex Explorer.

But why is Honnold’s choice of watch such a big deal? After all, Rolex isn’t exactly an uncommon sight on the wrists of athletes, particularly those in sports that involve speed, precision, or endurance. But Honnold’s Rolex is more than just a timepiece. It’s a symbol of his approach to climbing, and his overall philosophy about risk, reward, and the importance of being prepared.

To understand why Honnold’s Rolex is so significant, you have to first understand his background. Unlike many other famous climbers, Honnold didn’t grow up in a family of climbers or even in a particularly outdoor-oriented environment. He was a self-described “indoorsy” kid who spent most of his time playing video games and reading books. But he was also naturally athletic and had a fascination with the outdoors, which led him to start exploring on his own.

As Honnold’s interest in climbing grew, so did his dedication to the sport. He began training rigorously, honing his technique, and pushing himself to new heights (literally). But he also recognized the dangers involved in such an extreme sport, and he made a conscious effort to mitigate those risks. This meant studying routes meticulously, double-checking gear, and taking all necessary precautions to ensure his safety.

In an interview with Outside magazine, Honnold explained his approach: “To me, the most important thing in climbing is being prepared so that you can make good decisions in the moment. You don’t want to have a moment of hesitation when you’re 2,000 feet off the ground. That’s when things can go wrong.”

It’s this mindset that makes Honnold’s Rolex such a fitting symbol for his approach to climbing. The Explorer is a watch that was designed specifically for explorers and adventurers, with features like a durable, shock-resistant case, a clear, easy-to-read dial, and a reliable, self-winding movement. It’s a watch that’s built to withstand the rigors of the outdoors, while also providing accurate timekeeping in any situation.

But what’s perhaps even more notable about Honnold’s Rolex is the fact that it’s a secret. Unlike other athletes, who are often eager to show off their luxury watches in press photos or on social media, Honnold keeps his Rolex hidden most of the time. It’s a personal reminder of his dedication to his craft, rather than a status symbol to be flaunted.

In a sense, Honnold’s Rolex is like a climbing rope: a tool that’s essential to his safety and success, but also something that he doesn’t necessarily want to draw attention to. It’s a reminder that, in climbing as in life, sometimes the most valuable things are the ones that are understated, unassuming, and reliable.

Of course, Honnold’s Rolex isn’t the only thing that makes him such an impressive figure in the climbing world. His free solo ascent of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park was a feat that had never been accomplished before, and it cemented his status as one of the greatest climbers of all time. But while that climb may have been the pinnacle of Honnold’s career (so far), it’s his overall approach to climbing that truly sets him apart.

As one article in Forbes put it, “Although he may be an outlier in the climbing community, he is the embodiment of the traits that successful leaders and investors share: a intense focus on preparation, execution and commitment to a purpose that is larger than oneself.”

And maybe that’s why Honnold’s Rolex is so important. It’s not just a watch, but a symbol of the qualities that have made him such a success: discipline, focus, and a willingness to take calculated risks. And while it may not be as flashy or glamorous as some other timepieces, it’s a watch that has served him well on some of the most challenging climbs in the world.

In the end, Honnold’s Rolex is just one small piece of the puzzle that makes up his incredible story. But like any good accessory, it’s a detail that adds texture, depth, and meaning to that story. And for anyone who aspires to climb higher, work harder, or live more fully, Honnold’s Rolex is a powerful reminder of what it takes to succeed.