Lady Gaga has a “synergistic effect” with Lisa Kudrow.

The pair played Smerry Cat together for the recent Friends: The Friends reunion, and Gaga was directed by Ben Winston, Lisa, who played Phoebe Buffay on the show. He revealed that he liked the idea of ​​playing along. Yes, with a heartbeat. “

He told The Hollywood Reporter, “I told Lisa that I wanted a music performance and I didn’t want it to be the theme song. I didn’t really play the guitar. No. That morning we let her practice guitar. I gave her three or four names of people I found really great for a duet. I liked Gaga’s idea. Because Gaga – I won’t say anything against it – because there is a Phoebe ghost in her. There are some synergies between Lisa Kudlow and Lady Gaga. Gaga is a heartbeat I answered yes. “I want to perform with Lisa Kudrow in Central Park.”

Meanwhile, Lisa admitted that her “friend” co-star hug was “emotional” because of the COVID-19 pandemic, as no one had hugged her since the pandemic began. T.

She said, “It was surprisingly emotional, too, and very emotional for us.

“We seemed to be patting each other in the eyes. I do not know why. But it also took so many tests for COVID and all. We were allowed to hug. They hugged people, let alone these people. It was great. It was really great. “

The synergy effect of Lady Gaga and Lisa Kudrow | Photo entertainment news

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