Todd Snyder and Timex Just Flipped a Classic Watch in a Surprisingly Sleek Colorway

At any time Todd Snyder teams up with the horology whizzes at Timex it is value paying out focus, but this iteration—a murdered-out just take on the latter’s groundbreaking Q style—feels specifically new. Snyder’s wares have a tendency to skew large on the shade in excess of the years, his cheery spin on traditional Americana has endeared him to manner heads and vogue-adjacent typical Joes alike. That’s not to say black isn’t really in his wheelhouse. But when the designer leans into the color it feels intentional, a aware decision to eschew the vivid hues he favors. 

Timex + Todd Snyder Q Blackout view

So it should not appear as a great deal of a surprise that the most current Timex to get the Snyder treatment appears to be like so thoughtfully regarded. The Q is an OG quartz timepiece that served popularize a lot of of the details—a rotating bezel, a useful battery hatch, a working day-date feature—that would sooner or later become de rigueur in the enjoy entire world. Mercifully, Snyder leaves individuals things intact but kits out the total shebang in a monochromatic stainless steel that’ll appear downright great peeking out from underneath a crisp white shirtsleeve. You know all those all-critical ending touches we’re usually harping on about? This sort of check out is exactly what we indicate. And for fewer than 200 bones, you’d be difficult-pressed to find one more wallet-friendly alternative with an iota of its panache. 

Like just about anything the two do the job on it possibly will not adhere about for very long, so head on above to the Todd Snyder internet site (or, y’know, smash the get button earlier mentioned) to score one particular for yourself. [*Checks wrist*] It is officially goth o’clock.