Tom Holland wears a thong under his Spider-Man suit.

The 24-year-old actor confessed that he wears very little under his superhero costume when he embarked on the “uncomfortable” process of getting into the famous red and blue outfit.

Tom said, “I wear a thong. Like a jockstrap thing. I have a thong and a mesh pad suit, and then the Spider-Man suit, made of very coarse material, goes over the top.”

Tom, who will repeat his role as web slinger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, announced that he was never tempted to steal his “own suit” from the set, even though it was “tons” there of them flying around “.

In an interview with the new issue of GQ magazine, he said, “I could just steal one. I should just go home in one from the set and say, ‘Come and take it off me!’

“You would never find the hidden zippers, however.”

Meanwhile, Tom recently announced that he would love to take on James Bond from Daniel Craig – who will play the role in the belated blockbuster “No Time To Die” for the last time – and quipped that he might be a “really short” 007 .

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The ‘Cherry’ star said: “Ultimately, as a young British boy who loves cinema, I’d love to be James Bond.

“So you know, I’m just putting this out there. I mean, I look pretty good in a suit! I would be like a really little James Bond.”

Tom had previously explained how he had given clues to Sony Pictures bosses to suggest that he would be ready to play the legendary spy.

He said, “I want to refresh my James Bond knowledge because Sony is releasing Spider-Man and Bond.

“I keep telling them I’m the next 007 – as a joke. But also a kind of serious ‘Come on guys, let’s let this happen.’

“If I casually dive into interviews over and over again, it will eventually happen.”

Full functionality can be found in the April edition of British GQ, which is available as a digital download and on newsstands on Thursday 4th March.