WEST HENRIETTA – The New York Transportation Museum, 6393 East River Rd., Will reopen May 16 with a new schedule of events and trolley rides.

To comply with COVID-19 regulations, trolley ride days and special event days are limited and reservations are required. Masks are required in the museum and on the drive. Special event dates and days on which trolley rides take place are listed on the museum’s website at www.nymtmuseum.org.

The museum is home to a collection of 14 trolley cars, several highway and horse-drawn vehicles, three model trains, the Midtown Plaza Monorail, and numerous exhibits celebrating the region’s transportation history. In the gallery, a video showcases the Rochester Underground in color, and a gift shop caters to the needs of all ages and interests.

On days with trolley rides and special events, visitors experience the interurban era a century ago as their trolley winds its way through the scenic landscape on a 20-minute round trip. The air whistle and the click of the rails are reminiscent of a time when trolley cars provided fast and clean service to cities in New York State.

Admission is $ 5 for adults ($ 10 on trolley ride days) and $ 4 for teenagers ages 3 to 12 ($ 6 on trolley ride days). Admission for seniors is $ 9 on trolley ride days. Admission prices vary on special event days.

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