Trump Has A Meltdown And Basically Confirms Jack Smith Has Evidence Of His Crimes

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We are certainly living in interesting times. Every time we think the Trump presidency couldn’t get wilder, something new happens to curve that assumption. In the latest episode of the “The Trump Show,” the President-elect appears to have an uncontrolled meltdown on Twitter.

In a series of tweets, Trump basically confirms that someone has evidence of his crimes. At the center of these allegations is Jack Smith, a person whom nobody knows anything about. It seems that this is someone who Trump is familiar with, and the tweets indicate that whatever Smith has, it’s irrefutable.

When questioned about these tweets, Trump shrugged everything off saying he is just blowing off steam; that the whole thing is fake news. This incident makes one thing very clear. The next 4 years of Trump’s presidency will be full of this kind of wild speculation and similar outbursts on Twitter.

Trump’s meltdown comes at an interesting time. A few days ago, the FBI announced that it had opened an investigation into some alleged irregularities in Trump’s finances. It’s unclear whether or not the investigation has anything to do with Jack Smith’s evidence, but by Trump’s reaction to it, it’s quite possible.

It’s safe to say that Trump’s tweeting has gotten significantly crazier since it became evident that he would be investigated by the FBI. He’s even gone so far as to accuse special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigative team of being biased and undermining democracy.

But what is really going on with Jack Smith? This man is a complete mystery. Nobody knows what he has on Trump, how he acquired it, or why he is holding onto it. All we know from Trump’s tweets is that Smith’s evidence is “irrefutable.” It’s possible that this is just a bluff from Trump. However, given his track record, I highly doubt it.

What’s really fascinating about this situation is how the President-elect has made it so easy for people to speculate about his life, relationships and business dealings. At every turn, he is quick to remind people that he is the biggest, greatest, and the most successful person in the world. Yet his actions lead to the opposite conclusion.

It’s rather ironic that Trump is complaining about fake news yet he’s the one providing the material for the fake news in the first place. His outbursts and erratic behavior are what is fueling the media’s insatiable appetite for juicy news about Trump.

In the end, we can only speculate about Jack Smith’s evidence. We can’t know for sure what Trump has done that is so bad that someone in his circle is holding evidence against him. But one thing is clear, Trump is becoming more paranoid with every passing day. He is worried about the probe into his finances, his associates, and his family. He’s also worried about the possible effects that any scandal could have on his presidency.

Whether Smith has any real evidence against Trump is something we might never know for sure. But what is indisputable is that Trump himself is doing his part to fuel the chaos that is enveloping his presidency. We can only hope that he will keep these Twitter rants to a minimum once he takes office. Otherwise we’ll be in for a long and turbulent four years.