Trump World Increasingly Aware Of Big Trouble Looming After Peter Navarro Arrest

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Below, you will see Jason Miller, Trump’s former campaign manager and hall of fame deadbeat dad, trying to grapple with the fact that the Justice Department arrested Peter Navarro and went so far as to put Navarro in handcuffs. To a degree, Miller might have a point. It is possible for someone like Navarro and his attorney to arrange for him to surrender himself for booking and show up at Court. On the other hand, a person targeted for arrest is poorly positioned to dictate terms under any circumstances, so it’s best to shut up and take it like the alpha males that all good MAGAs like Jason Miller and Peter Navarro believe themselves to be.

But what one really hears in listening to Miller is the other side of MAGA, the “always the victim side,” the schizophrenic personality trait in which all good MAGA officials are the toughest, least caring people on earth, right up until they get hit in the nose and then they begin to cry. South Park viewers out there know that a real-life Eric Cartman could serve as Trump chief of staff. Speaking of Eric Cartman:

Jason Miller is outraged the Feds arrested Navarro: “They went and arrested and put him in handcuffs? I mean, this is Peter Navarro! He’s an economist. He’s a PhD. You see that he’s a very serious, very buttoned up guy, and you’re going to go throw him in handcuffs!?!

— Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 (@RonFilipkowski) June 3, 2022

It appears as though team Trump is under a dawning awareness that maybe the insurrection actually isn’t fully whitewashed and gone, perhaps real consequences could still be coming down the pike. Peter Navarro is the man who went on national television to describe the entire plan of action in the “Green Bay Sweep” while also claiming he couldn’t talk about any of this with the Select Committee because of executive privilege. It doesn’t work that way. The real world is starting to intrude upon Trump World. In Trump World, people with PhDs who are very serious people. serious enough to make a serious attempt to steal the presidency don’t get put in handcuffs, sixteen-year-old black boys who sell marijuana get put in handcuffs. Miller knows this as sure as he knows he’s behind in child support.

Miller then laments that anyone associated with Trump is about to be arrested or at least face trouble due solely to that relationship. This is, of course, not true. Mike Pence is very much associated with Donald Trump, he loyally served Trump right up until it was time to decide whether to try to steal the country. Pence said “No,” and no one is talking about charging Mike Pence, so it must be something else. Mark Meadows was very close to Trump and, like Navarro, refused to testify to the Committee and yet hasn’t been arrested. But word came out yesterday that Meadows has been cooperating with DOJ, so again, there are ways to avoid those cuffs Miller worries so much about.

We will be seeing many more of these types of interviews in the next few weeks as the Select Committee begins its public hearings. The bleating will be near unbearable. But it may be harder and harder for them to pretend that there’s nothing here, that it’s all “revenge.” If the Committee has the evidence it says it has, there may be more people in cuffs, whether a person is serious and has a Ph.D., or is someone stupid enough to brag about acing a memory exam.


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