Uma Thurman dated Justin B. Smith, CEO of Bloomberg Media Group.

The “Kill Bill” star reportedly started a romance with the media mogul after their relationship was mentioned in a New York Times article describing a party at Justin’s home in the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, DC. Is

The article listed Uma as a Bash participant and the article said she was “with Mr. Smith.”

She also told reporters, “I’m a news lover.”

Prior to his romance with Justin, Uma dated architect Peter Saves while his family was quarantined in the Hamptons last October.

According to a source, the horse met Peter and asked if he could see the dog swimming during his trip to Sag Harbor.

“At the time, Peter didn’t know who the horse was. He was walking on a beach near him that was locally called Long Beach, so he asked him to swim and see his dog.

“I saw his dog swimming and said the horse was fine and now, a few months later, they fell madly in love and wanted to buy a house in the Hamptons together. . “

The actress was also previously married to Gary Oldman and Ethan Hawke. Ethan Hawke has a 22-year-old daughter Maya and a 19-year-old son Levon.

Eight-year-old Luna ‘s mother, who is with ex-fiancé Arpad Busson, was single in her later years as she said it was related to the only character she played in the 2005 film “Prime”. I was talking about something earlier. “Because she knows what it’s like” to be alone. “

She said at the time, “I woke up ten years later, got single many times, and I know what it means to have a plan and think the plan has gone crazy.”

Uma Thurman is dating Justin B. Smith, CEO of Bloomberg Media Group | Entertainment news

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