After battling throat cancer, Val Kilmer “finds it difficult to speak and understand”.

A 61-year-old actor diagnosed with the disease in 2014 is determined to speak “more than ever” after having a tracheostomy, despite recent communication difficulties. I’m going.

In a teaser for the upcoming Amazon Prime documentary “Val,” he said, “I was recently diagnosed with throat cancer.

“I’m still recovering and it’s hard to speak and understand, but I want to talk more than ever.”

The “Top Gun” star is seen using a larynx device to help him speak in a clip.

He also said, “I’ve spent decades finding my voice through the characters. I tried to see the world as part of my life. “

The Christian scientist “Batman Forever” actor also looked back on his life with a short clip.

He said: “I behaved badly, I behaved bravely…. strange for some. “

The trailer opens with a video of a young actor and an excerpt from his film, and Val explains that he has amassed thousands of hours of video over the years.

“My name is Val Kilmer. I am an actor. I’ve lived a magical life and captured many of them. I was the first person to know that I had a video camera. did.”

Val had previously said he’d only agreed to cancer treatment for his child Mercedes and Jack with his ex-wife, Joanne Whalley.

He said: “[I had the] Suggestions for throat cancer. [In Christian Science]The idea is not to say I have or have it, but there is a claim and there is an indication that it does.

“I didn’t want to experience their fears. It was serious. I should have left and I just didn’t want to miss her anymore. “

Val Kilmer finds it “difficult” to understand | Entertainment news

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