‘Walmart Yodeling Kid’ Finds His Counterpart on TikTok

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Mason Ramsey went viral in 2018 after a video of him yodeling Hank Williams’ “Lovesick Blues” in Walmart was posted online. Now, he may have found his female counterpart on TikTok. 

A snippet of a young girl yodeling on a reality competition series was uploaded to the platform about a month ago, and it caught Ramsey’s attention earlier this week, resulting in a duet from the 15-year-old.

“every yodel king needs a yodel queen 🔥,” he captioned it, writing “somebody get me this girl’s @” above his side-by-side reaction as she sang. 

One commenter identified the girl as 16-year-old Sofia Shkidchenko, a Ukrainian singer that shared what looks like a clip of the same performance on her YouTube account, which she captioned, “Can you yodel like me?” 

The performance appears to be from Ukrayina maye talant, or Ukraine’s Got Talent, though it’s unclear from which season or how old Shkidchenko was at the time. 

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“bros future wife 💀,” one TikToker joked, while another said, “cant fool us mason we know that’s you in a wig,” to which the young singer replied, “u caught me 🤫”.

Yung Gravy even joined in on the fun, writing, “Match made in heaven,” with Ramsey responding, “don’t even think about it”.

Relationship jokes aside, many others pushed for a collab between the two, and given their combined, proven abilities for virality, any project to come from the duo is all but guaranteed to be fire. 

Shkidchenko hasn’t responded to the hubbub yet, but she seems to be pretty busy as the Ambassador for Child Refugees for Play Action International, so we’ll give it some time. 

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