When Does ‘Big Brother’ 2023 Start? CBS Just Dropped Upsetting Season 25 News

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Fans of the popular reality TV show ‘Big Brother’ were eagerly anticipating the premiere of season 25 in the summer of 2022, but CBS recently announced some upsetting news. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the network has decided to postpone season 25 until the summer of 2023. While it is certainly disappointing for fans, it is understandable given the current circumstances.

For those unfamiliar with ‘Big Brother,’ the show involves a group of strangers living in a house together with no access to the outside world. They are constantly monitored by cameras and microphones, and each week they compete in various challenges to win power and avoid being evicted from the house. The last person remaining in the house wins a cash prize of $500,000. The show is known for its drama, alliances, backstabbing, and unexpected twists and turns.

‘Big Brother’ first premiered in the United States in July 2000, and has since become a cultural phenomenon. It has spawned numerous spin-offs and adaptations in other countries, and has garnered a devoted fan base. The show has been criticized for its often controversial content, including racism, sexism, and bullying, but it remains immensely popular.

So why did CBS decide to postpone season 25? The answer is simple: COVID-19. The pandemic has disrupted virtually every aspect of daily life, and the entertainment industry has not been immune. Productions of TV shows and movies have been delayed or canceled altogether, and safety protocols have been put in place to protect cast and crew. ‘Big Brother’ is a particularly challenging show to produce during a pandemic, given that the contestants are confined to a single house for several months. It is impossible to ensure that all of them will remain virus-free, and the risks of transmission are high.

CBS has not yet announced any details regarding the new season, such as the cast or the theme of the house. However, it is likely that the network will aim to make up for the delay by making the new season bigger and better than ever before. Fans can expect even more drama, challenges, and unexpected twists.

In the meantime, fans can console themselves by re-watching old seasons of the show, or checking out some of the international versions of ‘Big Brother.’ They can also speculate about what the new season might hold. Will there be any returning players? Will the house be themed like a carnival or a haunted house? Will there be any new twists to the game? Only time will tell.

Despite the delay, fans of ‘Big Brother’ remain eager for the next season to begin. The show has a way of bringing people together, even as they watch from the safety of their own homes. It is a welcome distraction from the outside world, and provides hours of entertainment every week. As long as there are people who love ‘Big Brother,’ the show will continue to thrive, pandemic or not.

In conclusion, the delay of ‘Big Brother’ season 25 is certainly disappointing for fans, but it is necessary given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. CBS is taking the safety of its cast and crew seriously, and is planning to premiere the new season in the summer of 2023. While we don’t yet know the details of the new season, we can expect it to be bigger and better than ever before. In the meantime, fans can keep themselves occupied with old episodes or international versions of the show. ‘Big Brother’ has become a cultural phenomenon for a reason, and its loyal fan base will continue to support it no matter what.