Whistle-Blower to Accuse Facebook of Contributing to Jan. 6 Riot, Memo Says

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“We will carry on to confront scrutiny — some of it honest and some of it unfair,” he mentioned in the memo. “But we really should also carry on to hold our heads up higher.”

Below is Mr. Clegg’s memo in total:


You will have found the collection of posts about us posted in the Wall Avenue Journal in recent times, and the public curiosity it has provoked. This Sunday night time, the ex-staff who leaked inner firm material to the Journal will surface in a segment on 60 Minutes on CBS. We comprehend the piece is very likely to assert that we lead to polarization in the United States, and recommend that the remarkable actions we took for the 2020 elections were peaceful as well before long and contributed to the horrific occasions of January 6th in the Capitol.

I know some of you – specifically those of you in the US – are likely to get thoughts from good friends and family members about these items so I wished to acquire a minute as we head into the weekend to offer what I hope is some handy context on our do the job in these critical parts.

Facebook and Polarization

Individuals are understandably nervous about the divisions in modern society and hunting for responses and means to deal with the troubles. Social media has experienced a large affect on modern society in the latest many years, and Facebook is generally a location exactly where a great deal of this discussion performs out. So it is organic for men and women to talk to no matter if it is aspect of the difficulty. But the notion that Facebook is the main cause of polarization isn’t supported by the facts – as Chris and Pratiti established out in their notice on the concern earlier this 12 months.

The increase of polarization has been the subject of swathes of severe educational investigate in recent several years. In real truth, there isn’t a good deal of consensus. But what evidence there is simply just does not help the idea that Facebook, or social media far more normally, is the major induce of polarization.

The raise in political polarization in the US pre-dates social media by quite a few decades. If it have been real that Facebook is the main bring about of polarization, we would hope to see it likely up wherever Facebook is preferred. It isn’t. In actuality, polarization has absent down in a quantity of nations with significant social media use at the very same time that it has risen in the US.

Specially, we assume the reporting to suggest that a modify to Facebook’s News Feed rating algorithm was accountable for elevating polarizing written content on the system. In January 2018, we built ranking alterations to endorse Significant Social Interactions (MSI) – so that you would see additional information from buddies, family and groups you are aspect of in your Information Feed. This alter was intensely pushed by inside and external research that confirmed that significant engagement with mates and household on our system was far better for people’s wellbeing, and we additional refined and enhanced it over time as we do with all position metrics. Of course, all people has a rogue uncle or an outdated college classmate who retains sturdy or severe views we disagree with – that’s existence – and the modify meant you are additional probably to arrive across their posts also. Even so, we have created industry-main equipment to get rid of hateful content material and minimize the distribution of problematic information. As a end result, the prevalence of hate speech on our system is now down to about .05%.

But the easy simple fact remains that improvements to algorithmic ranking systems on one social media platform are not able to make clear wider societal polarization. In fact, polarizing content material and misinformation are also present on platforms that have no algorithmic rating in any respect, which includes non-public messaging apps like iMessage and WhatsApp.

Elections and Democracy

There is perhaps no other matter that we’ve been much more vocal about as a firm than on our function to substantially alter the way we solution elections. Commencing in 2017, we began making new defenses, bringing in new know-how, and strengthening our policies to protect against interference. Right now, we have far more than 40,000 people throughout the business working on safety and security.

Because 2017, we have disrupted and taken out a lot more than 150 covert influence operations, such as forward of important democratic elections. In 2020 on your own, we taken out far more than 5 billion phony accounts — determining just about all of them prior to anybody flagged them to us. And, from March to Election Working day, we eliminated far more than 265,000 parts of Fb and Instagram written content in the US for violating our voter interference procedures.

Specified the extraordinary conditions of holding a contentious election in a pandemic, we executed so identified as “break glass” steps – and spoke publicly about them – right before and just after Election Day to react to distinct and unconventional indicators we were observing on our platform and to hold possibly violating articles from spreading prior to our written content reviewers could evaluate it from our insurance policies.

These steps ended up not without the need of trade-offs – they are blunt instruments made to offer with particular disaster eventualities. It is like shutting down an entire town’s roads and highways in response to a short-term risk that could be lurking someplace in a particular neighborhood. In implementing them, we know we impacted important amounts of content material that did not violate our principles to prioritize people’s safety all through a period of excessive uncertainty. For case in point, we limited the distribution of are living video clips that our units predicted may possibly relate to the election. That was an extraordinary action that assisted protect against most likely violating material from going viral, but it also impacted a large amount of completely ordinary and sensible articles, including some that had practically nothing to do with the election. We would not acquire this form of crude, capture-all measure in ordinary circumstances, but these weren’t regular conditions.

We only rolled back again these crisis measures – centered on very careful data-driven examination – when we noticed a return to extra usual situations. We still left some of them on for a for a longer time period of time of time as a result of February this year and other folks, like not recommending civic, political or new Groups, we have made the decision to keep permanently.

Preventing Despise Groups and other Perilous Companies

I want to be completely crystal clear: we do the job to limit, not broaden dislike speech, and we have obvious procedures prohibiting content that incites violence. We do not revenue from polarization, in actuality, just the reverse. We do not permit risky corporations, including militarized social movements or violence-inducing conspiracy networks, to organize on our platforms. And we clear away information that praises or supports despise groups, terrorist businesses and legal teams.

We’ve been extra aggressive than any other net firm in combating damaging content material, which includes content that sought to delegitimize the election. But our operate to crack down on these hate groups was decades in the making. We took down tens of 1000’s of QAnon internet pages, groups and accounts from our apps, eliminated the initial #StopTheSteal Team, and removed references to Halt the Steal in the operate up to the inauguration. In 2020 alone, we removed far more than 30 million pieces of content material violating our procedures relating to terrorism and extra than 19 million items of content violating our guidelines all over organized loathe in 2020. We specified the Happy Boys as a hate firm in 2018 and we continue to clear away praise, assistance, and illustration of them. In between August very last 12 months and January 12 this year, we recognized almost 900 militia corporations less than our Risky Organizations and Individuals plan and taken off thousands of Web pages, teams, activities, Fb profiles and Instagram accounts associated with these teams.

This function will in no way be finish. There will often be new threats and new troubles to deal with, in the US and all over the earth. That is why we remain vigilant and notify – and will generally have to.

That is also why the recommendation that is at times created that the violent insurrection on January 6 would not have transpired if it was not for social media is so misleading. To be crystal clear, the obligation for all those activities rests squarely with the perpetrators of the violence, and people in politics and in other places who actively encouraged them. Mature democracies in which social media use is common maintain elections all the time – for instance Germany’s election very last week – without the disfiguring presence of violence. We actively share with Regulation Enforcement material that we can discover on our solutions similar to these traumatic gatherings. But cutting down the sophisticated good reasons for polarization in The united states – or the insurrection specially – to a technological explanation is woefully simplistic.

We will continue on to deal with scrutiny – some of it honest and some of it unfair. We’ll continue to be requested challenging concerns. And a lot of persons will proceed to be skeptical of our motives. Which is what will come with remaining aspect of a organization that has a major effect in the environment. We need to be humble enough to accept criticism when it is good, and to make alterations in which they are justified. We aren’t excellent and we don’t have all the solutions. That’s why we do the sort of exploration that has been the issue of these stories in the very first put. And we’ll maintain wanting for methods to respond to the suggestions we hear from our consumers, which include screening approaches to make absolutely sure political material doesn’t consider around their News Feeds.

But we need to also proceed to hold our heads up high. You and your teams do unbelievable operate. Our resources and products have a hugely positive influence on the world and in people’s life. And you have every single reason to be very pleased of that get the job done.