Who Is Luis Felber? An Interview With Lena Dunham’s Husband

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Yeah, I mean, describe “intense.”

It feels like you’re equally pretty passionate about every single other, that you are both equally pretty much in adore, and that it occurred incredibly quickly.

I imagine when you know, you know. I have only been alive for 35 decades in this life span, and I feel it is a different archaic detail for fellas to hide their feelings. I’m way extra into the stream of getting to know the person. And I imagine Lena’s the identical, and I consider — I’m heading to audio cheesy — but when you obtain your soul mate, you just know.

She’s quite open up about you on Instagram. How does that make you come to feel?

It is pretty moving. I’m even now having used to being revealed that form of really like by an individual else. I’ve by no means shut her down, or any person down for that. It’s beautiful that she expresses herself and I like currently being on the other conclude of it.

How do you like residing with each other?

It is excellent, we’ve been residing collectively for about 4 months now. We both work a large amount, and every single morning is a blessing. And each evening, to be able to go to bed with your most effective mate and chat — we uncover it challenging to go to snooze at a first rate hour. It’s hardly ever eight hrs.

What form of dates do you go on now?

Oh my. She arrives to my gigs. Neither of us really drink, but we go for extensive walks on the Heath, we see friends, we enjoy videos, we just viewed the complete of “BoJack Horseman.” I could be sitting at a bus quit with her for 10 hrs and it would be the most effective working day at any time.

How do your moms and dads like Lena?

They really like her. My mum’s very shy, and she kind of builds barriers. It is a protection factor, I believe from leaving a region when you are really young, not being aware of the language. I feel it’s possible it’s a barrier she’s experienced from childhood. I can type of relate to that. But with Lena she was just, like, finest pals. She was incredibly open up about her thoughts and they just love each and every other. My father as nicely.