Who Went Home on The Bachelorette Tonight? Episode 1, 2022

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Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia embarked on their journey to find love on Season 19 of The Bachelorette, which officially took flight on Tuesday night.

This season there’s double the love: not only does it feature the most men in Bachelor history — 32 to be exact — but it’s also the first time there will be two leading ladies!

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Windey and Recchia both left heartbroken following The Bachelor season led by Clayton Echard, but these bachelorettes are getting another shot at love with their own journeys and their own stories — aka they are not supposed to be competing for the same men.

But given the rollercoaster nature of the show, not all of the suitors made it past the first night of introductions.

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Host Jesse Palmer kicked off the night with the question, “What happens if one woman falls in love with the same man?” as ICU nurse Gabby, 31, and flight instructor Rachel, 26, got ready to meet their suitors.

“I don’t trust men,” Gabby confided to Rachel when they got together for drinks before the guys were introduced. She also told the cameras, “Hopefully I meet my husband and it’s not the same one Rach wants.”

The BFFs couldn’t contain their excitement as they stood together to greet the men during the traditional parade of limos.

The hopefuls included Jason, who stressed his love of family, Aven, who promised Gabby and Rachel he would do right by them, and Ethan, who did some juggling to make a joke about having to juggle two women.

Jordan, a software developer, said he was nervous about speaking to two bachelorettes simultaneously–so he put headphones on each to speak one-on-one.

Logan held two chirping birdies in his hand to greet the “two chicks.”

Life coach Quincy surprised the women by saying, “I haven’t had sex in almost a year and a half.”

It was a shocking revelation but he seemed to score better than Hayden, who made a penis joke about Clayton that Gabby didn’t appreciate.

After bachelor Johnny also brought up Clayton, Rachel admitted that she was tired of hearing his name!

But the focus on the man who jilted them continued as wedding photographer Alec presented a choir of singers warbling, “Clayton sucks” to the ladies.

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James brought an enormous submarine sandwich to honor his nickname, “Meatball,” and shared it with the other guys already in the house.

Justin showed up barefoot, while bartender Brandan dressed up as a blue man to attract attention, and magician Roby did a card trick.

Handsome Tino, who works in construction, decided to drive in on a forklift instead of emerging from a limo. “You two look forking gorgeous,” he joked. Rachel was instantly smitten.

But the next suitor topped that! A shirtless Fabio wannabe named Jacob rode in on a horse. Jacob joked about his romance novel look, “I’m only here for a happy ending.” The gals enjoyed rubbing his oiled chest.

Gabby and Rachel then mingled with the guys at the post-arrival party at the famed Bachelorette house.

Roby approached them to do more card tricks and told them it was “the Rachel and Gabby show. You have the power and authority.”

The twins Joey and Justin then zeroed in and said they had completely different personalities. However, Gabby told the cameras she couldn’t build a bond with either of them. Rachel agreed, “I’m not into it.”

Sparks flew for Gabby with Ryan from Boston, who was “super easy to talk to,” she said.

Jacob remained barechested and told Gabby his favorite attributes in a partner. But she was distracted, saying in confessional, “His abs are rock hard. I can’t stop looking at him.” Still, she thought he was shy and was surprised he didn’t kiss her.

Aven impressed Rachel as sincere but said, “There was no kiss.”

Gabby got her first kiss from Mario and deemed him “a great kisser.”

Tino sat with Rachel on the stairs, made her laugh, and asked for a kiss. Rachel said yes and they had a romantic makeout session.

“I have fake hair, fake tan,” Gabby told Erich, showing him her extensions. They shared a kiss. But during his huddle with Rachel, he decided not to kiss her.

So, which contestants already got the boot? Find out who Gabby and Recchia sent home on the first night of The Bachelorette Season 19 — and who got her first impression rose.

Who got Gabby Windey’s first impression rose on The Bachelorette?

Mario V

Sensing his connection with Gabby, Mario told the other guys he might get the rose. And he was right! “One guy is really standing out to me,” she told the cameras. Erich hoped he would receive the rose, but Gabby pulled Mario away to give him the rose. Erich said it was “definitely disappointing. I’m kind of pissed.” Gabby told Mario, “I think you are so sweet and genuine, so Mario, will you accept this rose?” He thanked her and they kissed again. Mario hoped in confessional, “we can continue to build that connection…I’m feeling really confident.” 

Who got Rachel Recchia first impression rose on The Bachelorette?

Tino F.

Tino received the coveted rose from Rachel, who led him away from a group of other disappointed hopefuls by the pool. “I have been thinking about you for awhile and I really enjoyed our conversation,” Rachel gushed to Tino. “So, Tino, will you accept this rose?” A thrilled Tino told her, “I’m going to try to milk this as long as I can,” and moved in for a kiss. He told the cameras he was confident about his chances with Rachel: “We can build something really special here.”

Who did Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia send home tonight on the premiere of The Bachelorette 2022?

Joey Y. and Justin Y. 

Roby S.

The two beauties said goodbye to twins Joey and Justin and magician Roby. Rachel said, “It’s really nerve-wracking but I feel confident in the decision we made tonight.” Gabby told the eliminated men, “Thank you so much for your time.” Rachel said there wasn’t a connection and they all hugged. Gabby said, “This is a really hard moment,” while Rachel noted, “We need to be assertive tonight.” Gabby shared to the group of men that they eliminated Joey, Justin, and Roby. But to the cheers of the remaining men, they canceled the rose ceremony and shared champagne. 

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