Why LeBron James and the Lakers shouldn’t pursue Chris Paul

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Why LeBron James and the Lakers shouldn’t pursue Chris Paul

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have been exploring various options to bolster their roster, and one name that has been making headlines recently is Chris Paul. However, pursuing the veteran point guard may not be the best decision for the Lakers in the long run.

Firstly, Chris Paul’s age is a significant factor to consider. He turns 36 years old in May and has a history of injuries. Adding him to the Lakers’ lineup could be a temporary fix, but it does not address their long-term needs. The Lakers are building for sustainability, so investing in a player who is on the decline in his career is not a wise move.

Secondly, Paul’s contract is another obstacle. He still has $85 million remaining on his current deal, which would not come off the Lakers’ salary cap until 2022. The Lakers’ payroll is already tightly wound, so taking on additional financial commitments will limit their ability to make additional moves in the future.

Furthermore, Paul’s playing style may not be the best fit for the Lakers. He is a ball-dominant point guard who excels in orchestrating half-court sets. On the other hand, LeBron James and Anthony Davis thrive in transition and in high-paced play. While Paul’s offensive abilities are unquestionable, he may cause more harm than good when it comes to team chemistry.

Additionally, if the Lakers decide to pursue Paul, they will have to give up significant assets to convince the Oklahoma City Thunder to part ways with him. They will have to act fast too, as other teams are also interested in Paul’s services. Giving up assets for a player who is past his prime and has a hefty contract is not a good move for a team that is looking to contend for multiple titles.

Moreover, it is essential to take into account the value of players such as Kyle Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and Talen Horton-Tucker, whom the Lakers could package in a potential deal for Chris Paul. These players have contributed significantly to the Lakers’ recent championship run and could continue to play an essential role in their short- and long-term future. Trading them away for Paul could dramatically reduce the Lakers’ current depth and weaken their bench.

Lastly, pursuing Paul could also limit the development of younger players such as Alex Caruso, Quinn Cook, and Avery Bradley. These players have shown immense potential and a willingness to learn from LeBron James and the Lakers’ coaching staff. Bringing in a veteran point guard like Chris Paul could slow down their development and limit their playing time, affecting their morale adversely.

In conclusion, while Chris Paul’s addition to the Los Angeles Lakers may seem promising at first glance, it may not be worth pursuing in the long run. Paul’s age, injury history, playing style, and contract make him an unattractive option. Pursuing him could also limit the development of younger players and result in a significant reduction of depth for the team. Therefore, the Lakers should focus on other options and avoid pursuing Chris Paul.