Why Washington is all-in on Sam Howell as its quarterback – ESPN – Washington Commanders Blog

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Washington Football Team, now known as the Washington Commanders, has positioned itself for success by investing all its resources in quarterback Sam Howell. The 20-year-old, who hails from Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of the hottest prospects in the college football arena. The team has shown a clear sense of conviction in its decision to pursue Howell. The Commanders’ front office staff and coaching staff have held several meetings to discuss the potential of their new recruit.

There were many reasons why Washington opted to select Howell and make him the centerpiece of their future plans. First and foremost, Howell’s statistics from high school are simply outstanding. He collaborated with the best 7-on-7 team in the country to record a barrage of touchdowns, especially in his junior year. Howell had a rare ability to throw long passes with accuracy, levelling his team from behind in several games.

Secondly, his college career at the University of North Carolina speaks for itself. The young quarterback has helped the Tar Heels program get back on the map and become a formidable contender in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Howell’s rookie season saw him throw for 3,641 yards and 38 touchdowns with only seven interceptions, completing 64.5% of his throws. His performance led him to break the freshman record for the most touchdowns scored by a freshman quarterback in the ACC.

Thirdly, Sam Howell’s ability to quickly make decisions on the field and avoid the pass-rush has proved valuable to Washington. He is known to make quality decisions at the line of scrimmage, quickly processing the information relayed from his coaches. With a strong arm, quick feet, and an uncanny ability to see the field, Howell’s potential is unmatched by many young quarterbacks in the game.

Furthermore, with the addition of two new offensive-minded coaches, Washington has provided the necessary firepower for Howell to advance his game. The team has hired Ken Zampese and Matt Canada to run the offense, both with tremendous experience in the quarterback position. Zampese, the son of former longtime NFL coach Ernie Zampese, has worked with quarterbacks such as Carson Palmer, Tony Romo, and Cam Newton. Canada has spent many years working with college quarterbacks such as Brandon Harris, Nathan Peterman, and most recently Joe Burrow, the number one pick in the 2020 NFL draft.

Having such a successful college career under his belt, it’s no surprise that Howell has also entered the conversation for the Heisman Trophy. His ability to lead his team to victory has certainly put him on the map, and his determination to be the best undeniably sets him apart from his peers. Washington Commander’s coaching staff are confident that he will be able to succeed in the pros and have a competitive edge in a league that demands the best from its players.

Given the vast amount of talent the Washington Commanders have in their arsenal, it is understandable why the team is all-in on Sam Howell. The team has also made a great deal of progress recently and is playing some of its best football in recent years. Coach Riverboat Ron, as he is fondly called, has settled in well with the team and has showcased his willingness to trust his young quarterback. Howell in turn will have the support of a well-rounded offensive line, a talented group of receivers and running backs, and a solid defense. The team has learned a great deal from its past experiences, and they are determined to get back into the thick of things this season.

As the regular season approaches, Washington is excited to see how Sam Howell performs with the big lights shining on him. It is clear that the coaching staff is backing him, and they are looking forward to seeing him blossom as an NFL quarterback. Howell, on the other hand, is focused on his growth as a player and will be ready to take on whatever challenge comes his way. He has already shown great promise in his college career and is eager to take the next step in his journey.

In conclusion, Washington’s decision to acquire Sam Howell is one that has the potential to be a game-changer for the team. His incredible talent, combined with Washington’s dedication to providing him with the necessary resources, is a testament to the team’s belief in him. With the support he has from the coaching staff, players, and fans, it is no question that Sam Howell is poised to be the future of Washington Commander’s football.