William Shatner says that people should “see humor in the human condition”.

The “Star Trek” actor has a very pragmatic view of life and while he knows that it is important to take things seriously, he also believes that it is important to see the “absurdity” in life too.

He said, “You live and you died, and then there is the stuff in between. On one level you have to take it seriously, on another you have to see the humor in the human condition. The more you can see the more absurd the more better it is. We live the way it matters, then we die and we are forgotten and it doesn’t matter anymore. Everything that happens is like a storybook and you read your own story while you live it can keep that in mind, we’ll be fine. “

And William also recalled a poignant moment he had with a live audience in London just before the pandemic.

Speaking to the Daily Express, he added, “I was in London around this time last year, just before everything was closed. I had a show at the Apollo Theater on a Monday night with a sold-out audience of 3,500 people. So I got up and got into a limo and went to the theater and thought, “Will anyone be there?”

“I went through the curtain onto the stage and 3,500 people were waiting for me. It was a wonderful evening in the theater where we all laughed and cried. It was an unforgettable and enchanting time when the world closed.”