EXCLUSIVE: Producer Kirk Shaw has launched Ambitious Entertainment, a new fund for the acquisition and development of intellectual property. The company begins a strategic partnership with Impossible Dream Entertainment, the production company led by producers Yvette Yates Redick and Shaun Redick, the latter producing Get Out and BlackKklansman, and with Jamie Foxx-star Day Shift on Netflix. Shaw, who has produced and funded over 240 films and television series, will become a director and CEO of the fund. The LatinX producer Yates Redick is also there.

The heads of Ambitious Entertainment said they will invest up to $ 10 million in the acquisition and development of feature films and series over the next few years. The multi-million dollar development investment, led by Cosmin Panait, Managing Member of GPL Ventures, enables the group to acquire and control rights to dozens of new intellectual property rights. The overall goal is to go public on NASDAQ in 2022 and to build up the associated production fund.

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The first projects to be developed by Ambitious Entertainment and supervised by the trio include a film about athletics pioneer Wilma Rudolph and adaptations of two books that Ambitious Entertainment selected as an option. These are: Chainsaw Confidential: How We Made The World’s Most Notorious Horror Movie, directed by Gunnar Hansen, who starred in the original Leatherface; and recorded in Hollywood: The John Dolphin Story by Jamelle Dolphin. The latter will be adapted as a series.

The Wilma Rudolph project is carried out in collaboration with her estate, and Ambitious Entertainment is currently in discussions for a feature film or series. As a child, Wilma was told by doctors that she would never leave. In addition to her disability, she has faced poverty, racism and sexism. She overcame this through drive and determination and went from leg supports to a teenage phenomenon. When she competed in the 1960 Olympics, her name was The Tornado, and she turned out to be the fastest woman in the world to win three Olympic gold medals. CMG Worldwide negotiated the deal on behalf of the Rudolph estate.

Chain Saw Confidential is mounted as a dark comedy. Adapted from David Dubos, Hansen’s book is designed to bring to screen all of the fun, horror, and craziness that arose from the making of the original Tobe Hooper-directed horror film from 1974, which cost $ 140,000 and is north of $ 30 Grossed millions of dollars and numerous loud and bloodier franchise expansions. Robert Abramoff is an executive producer and they expect you to start casting quickly.

Dolphin’s of Hollywood follows the life of legendary music producer John Dolphin. He founded the Dolphin’s of Hollywood record store in Los Angeles and built an R&B music empire that helped build a West Coast music industry and influenced how black music was played on the radio and then introduced to the legendary African American’s white teenagers Neighborhood, Central Avenue. The film is being produced by Shaquille O’Neal and his Jersey Legends banner with production partners Michael Parris, Mary Beth O’Connor and Jamelle Dolphin.

“The Ambitious Fund gives us the opportunity to acquire, develop and package amazing content, just as we have done with all of our recent projects,” said Shaun Redick. “And we can continue to use our instincts on cultural and global trends.”

Yvette Yates Redick said, “We will work closely with successful veterans of our industry and a large part of our mandate is to discover and open up opportunities for new creators, writers and directors, especially BIPOC talent.”

Shaw said, “As a producer, the Ambitious Fund provides a unique opportunity to promote, incubate and develop multiple series and film ideas at the same time. The market demand for content is out there and the ability to meet that demand through a variety of new packaged projects makes setting up this fund now an ideal answer to the industry opportunity. We are actively packaging several new projects, all of which target a wide audience based on our own secured IP address. Personally, too, this is the most creative, hands-on experience I’ve had in film and television production in 30 years. “