Remember that strange press release that went out on Tuesday about NBC’s Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson starting a production company with his newly announced wife, Michelle Davidson? Now, there’s a new plot twist.

Michelle Mootreddy, a 24-year-old Bronx woman, was arrested after allegedly entering Davidson’s Staten Island residence in Annadale, the New York City Police Department confirmed to EW.

Authorities received a 911 call of a burglary. Police say Mootreddy had entered the location through a back door without permission. She was arrested on charges of stalking, harassment, criminal trespass, and trespass. The investigation is currently ongoing.

Earlier this week, a woman identified as “Michelle Davidson” sent out a press release through an official media source that claimed she and Davidson had launched their production company named Bodega Cats Presents, LLC company. The release had also mentioned they had married after being lifelong childhood friends. Multiple reports later identified the sender of the press release as Michelle Mootreddy.

EW hasn’t been able to independently confirm the woman’s identity.

Davidson’s attorney, upon hearing of the release, told EW in a statement, “The press release being circulated this morning about Pete Davidson is completely false. Not a word of it is true. Mr. Davidson has no idea who this person is. We are investigating and considering all legal and equitable remedies.”