Wyoming and Alaska election results 2022

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Harriet Hageman will win the Republican nomination in Wyoming’s House race, defeating Liz Cheney, who voted to impeach Trump and has helped lead the House Jan. 6 investigation, CNN projects.

Hageman grew up on her family’s small ranch near Fort Laramie, with a population of 207, not far from the state’s border with Nebraska. Long before her fight with Cheney, Hageman gained prominence as a natural resources attorney, specializing in cases protecting the state’s water, public lands and agriculture. 

“One of the things, I think, we need to do is make the federal government largely irrelevant to our everyday lives,” Hageman told voters this week during a stop at the Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce luncheon, highlighting decades of legal work fighting against such policies as protecting gray wolves under the Endangered Species Act and broader plans of national forest conservation. 

Hageman, 59, spent most of her career doing this work at her own law firm in Cheyenne. But now, she is a senior litigation counsel for the New Civil Liberties Alliance, a group based in Washington that battles environmental regulations, taxes and campaign finance restrictions. 

She has spent much of the last year driving around the state to build a campaign against Cheney, telling voters that she’s traveled about 40,000 miles since announcing her campaign nearly a year ago. Yet in the final week of the primary here, she had no public campaign events, rather meeting privately with groups. Three other Republicans rounded out the primary ballot. 

Only two House Republicans out of the 10 who supported the second impeachment of former President Donald Trump — and have subsequently been a constant target of his wrath — won their primary races. Read m re here.