11 Best Weed Vapes of 2022 For Taking You Higher Than Ever

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It’s solid in the hand but still small enough to stuff into your pocket, provides great big pulls with seemingly no restriction to airflow, and is handsome in a retro-modern way, like Captain Kirk’s Communicator. Beam yourself up. 

The Best Weed Vape for Beginners: Xlux Roffu 

With the options for legal weed continuing to expand at an incredible rate, it can be difficult enough to decide what flower to purchase, let alone how to consume it—especially for beginners. Whatever strain you’ve opted for, the Xlux Roffu vaporizer from Cali-based XVape will help you make the most of it with a pure-convection heating style, a simple but durable metallic design, and an easy-to-use OLED screen display. 

Wade rather than dive into the world of weed vapes with inhalations that are more on the flavorful side than super thick and cloudy, removable batteries, and interchangeable heating chambers with a funnel to help pack everything in nice and tight. 

The Best Budget Weed Vape: DaVinci Miqro

When pocket space is limited, opt for a compact unit like the Miqro-C from DaVinci. At about three inches tall and one inch wide, the Miqro-C is just a little larger than a standard lighter. You won’t need the fire, though, as the vape uses pre-set conduction temperature “smart paths” to find the right heat and an adjustable pearl that can be lifted or lowered to tamp down product, adjust airflow, and optimize the transfer of heat to the ground flower and/or concentrate loaded in the chamber. 

As a smaller unit, large hits will feel slightly warmer than from some of the more sizable options out there, but it’s all smooth and highly flavorful passing through the ceramic path and mouthpiece. Pack a bowl of the top-shelf, draw lightly, and settle back to enjoy the flavors. Worst case scenario: If it somehow fails you down the line, take advantage of the five-year warranty for tuneups and replacements. 

The Best Vape for Concentrates: G Pen Roam

Whether shatter, wax, rosin, butter, oil, or beyond, there’s a growing array of THC concentrate options on the market. Those who have a dab rig—a type of heavy-hitting water pipe used for cannabis extracts—set up in a prominent position in the kitchen or living room might consider a portable water-filtered concentrate vaporizer like the G Pen Roam. With a variety of top-shelf features baked-in (namely, a sturdy aluminum shell, quartz atomizer, internal spill-proof borosilicate glass water tube, and crystal clear LED display screen), the Roam allows for super tasty sessions with clean, filtered flavor—even at low temperatures. It also charges via USB, whether you’re keeping it close at hand in your home office or juicing it up in the car. 

In its automatic setting, which is probably best for group hangs, the atomizer stays hot for 30 seconds before switching off. In manual mode, you’ll need to hold down the button to activate the heater. True dab aficionados, however, may prefer to go turbo with the Max mode that boosts temps to 800 degrees Fahrenheit for the cloudiest experience. As with all concentrate devices that risk being gummed up by viscous liquids, cleaning is a must and should be done after every few uses. 

The Best Convection Weed Vape: Firefly 2+

With more licensed processors zeroing in on terpene content and profiles (i.e. the cannabis strain’s specific botanical aromas, taste, and effects) than ever, finding a device that maximizes on flavor is huge. The Firefly 2+ is one of the biggest stalwarts and flavor fiends on the market, and has been a heavyweight in the weed market for years. The original Firefly was actually created in 2013 by a former Apple product designer and has since run through a few different iterations before the launch of the Firefly 2+, a breath-activated gem of a vape that heats up in as little as three seconds.