Amit Sadh recalls his suicidal phase: ‘Jab insaan ki zindagi mein dukh aata hai…’

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Actor Amit Sadh revealed that he has struggled with suicidal thoughts in the past. He also added that people were of immense support to him and came around to help. Amit, who has starred in films like Kai Po Che and the thriller series Breathe, emphasised the need for people in Bollywood to be nice to each other.

Talking about how to help someone in such a dire situation, he told ETimes that people need to be better, and show more compassion. “I have been very fortunate that I’ve had good people in my life. When I was going through the phase, a few genuine people called me, spoke to me and I felt okay after a few days,” he said, adding that when it comes to the industry, people spend maximum time with themselves and colleagues.

Amit said that as people spend so much time together on sets, it is imperative that they behave better with each other, adding that this is how many can be saved. He mentioned the repercussions it has on an individual when they’re criticised and demeaned. “Jab insaan ki zindagi mein dukh aata hai, uska dimag kharab ho jata hai (People lose their mind when they’re subjected to sorrow). Tab woh insaan galat cheezon ke bare mein sochne lagta hai (That’s when people start thinking the wrong way),” he said, stressing that he was referring to his own experience.

Earlier Amit Sadh said that he wanted to quit the industry after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death and talked about his own attempts at suicide. “I had attempted suicide four times between the age of 16 and 18 so I know the mindset. Though I am a very strong person now. Everything has changed, life is good,” he had said in a podcast with Chetan Bhagat.